Weightless Body, Weightless Mind

My dream last night: I’m in a mansion somewhere. There are rock stars, physicists, artists, and other creative types. This was where I worked and I found myself talking to the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger asked me what my favorite Stones cut was and I told him Undercover of the Night. I was reprimanded by our company owner for being too restrained in my creativity. He said that I would be let go if I didn’t stop being so conservative in my thinking. We had our usual 8am meeting. During these meetings the gravity would be turned off and we could float around and jump from wall to wall spinning and doing all kinds of tumbles. I was the day’s case study and I was asked to just float around as if no one else was in the world and speak what ever came into my mind. People around me took notes. It was an incredible experience and I said words like “revolutionary,” “simple,” and “one”. All sorts of thoughts came into my mind.

It was only later that I realized I was working at a creative idea corporate think tank. We would invent these new ideas and then patent and sell them to businesses around the world. After our meeting I had an idea for a new kind of document management system that contained an intelligence engine that would make knowledge management as simple as dragging a file to the trash can on your computer desktop. The work and intelligence was flipped to the computer rather than the human. It could all be done in 3 simple steps. I wrote up the patent information and submitted it. Our owner seemed pleased. It’s amazing how mind liberating floating around a room weightless can be. It induced all sorts of creative ideas. This must be what deep meditation is like. I guess it all depends what you decided to meditate on.

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