Week One

Week one – it’s almost over. After hearing the client call me the overall project manager for their enterprise-wide data warehousing project … I threw up all over her. Well, not really, but I felt like it. Even after the weekend chewing all the nutmeg I could get my hands on and even reading a book on data warehousing, I am now in charge of running their project. Wish me luck. I hear that Neptune and Pluto are in alignment this month. Do you think that will help?

In addition to the powerful data warehousing knowledge contained in nutmeg there is also a mild a psychotropic. I am writing from the Hospital for the Criminally Insane after I was caught trying to rescue coffee from the local supermarket. With the help of my doctors, I now understand that coffee is not conscious and that we are not repressing their right to free assembly. { They made me say that }

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  • Do you get those throw up feelings anymore? Do you look back and wonder why did I feel like hurling when so many other things have a greater importance? BTW where can I get my hands on mass quantities of nutmeg? Does it hold all knowledge cause if so hook me up to a IV stat!

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