Some of My Adventures…

img_antarctica.jpgGoing to Space Camp in Alabama. Savannah, GA for St. Patrick’s Day. Having my first German beer in Germany. Driving 300 miles in 3 1/2 hours. Getting my first signing bonus (just for joining a company!). Driving the JFK parade route through Dealey Plaza in a taxi cab. Being mentioned on the front page of USA Today. Drinking Drambuie on a mountain top and asking questions about the night sky. The great mental adventure of attending Pacifica. Flying to St. Thomas with only my flip flops and a laptop. Playing tennis with the drummer from KC & the Sunshine Band. Learning Latin. Age 13, hacking into the arcade game Gauntlet in Tennessee. Riding my bike from Germany across the Dutch border to visit the open air markets.

Reading and finally understanding Dante. Corresponding with Marie Louis von Franz and Richard Pope. Watching the fireworks from a canoe in the Pacific on the 4th of July. Getting drunk with friends on a floating dock in Santa Barbara. Lee saving my life while swimming across a lake. Bench pressing 315 lbs (at 15 yrs. old). Driving up the California coast on Hwy 1. My Dad giving me my first computer. Driving from Atlanta to Miami during a hurricane in a Jeep without a top or doors. Swimming in the ocean. Listening to the sea lions in Santa Cruz. Going to a new school every year when I was a kid.

Riding with my grandfather on his John Deere tractor. The first time I walked into the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Looking out over lower Manhattan at night and seeing the Statue of Liberty lit up from the 46 floor of my office. Saving the life of my high school sweetheart. The first time I flew an airplane by myself. Receiving the letter that I was accepted to graduate school. Meeting one of my heroes, Rupert Sheldrake. Organizing the Analytical Psychology Club of Athens. Getting accepted to Leadership UGA and having the opportunity to work with incoming freshman to teach them how to be successful. Riding rapids during a thunderstorm.

Standing in Times Square at the turn of the millennium and singing New York, New York with my friends at midnight. Paging at our state legislature for a day. Cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica. Driving across the United States with my college girlfriend. Spending the night at the Grand Canyon. Skydiving over Atlanta. Selected to represent my high school in Washington D.C. as a Student Ambassador. Riding the trains that catacomb under Washington with my Congressman. Playing little league baseball and football. Learning to sail in Santa Barbara. Visiting Roswell, New Mexico. Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe and Christmas at the Waffle House. Making love on the beach in Santa Barbara. Going to Sequoia National Park in California and seeing the Redwoods for the very first time.

However, the greatest adventures are still ahead of me: hiking in Antarctica, getting my Ph.D., election to public office, traveling around the world, diving the Great Barrier Reef, writing a book, running my own business, going into space, and being buried at sea.

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