You’re Already Dead

I’m not sure how the dream started but I found myself in the middle of a worldwide panic. I think I was watching the news. There was some sort of catastrophe approaching. In my dream it seemed to take the form of an earthquake. I was in a large city and the buildings were collapsing everywhere around us. I was somehow able to jump from building to building. A friend was always there with me but I’m not sure who. I saw another friend and his kids. I tried to get him to leave with me but he said that he needed to stay with his family. A moment later we were all underwater. I was looking for a little girl’s stuffed animal. I found it and gave it to her but it was the wrong one. It belonged to some other kid. She died holding some other kid’s teddy bear. My friend and his family were gone and somehow I moved on to the next place.

I was standing on the edge of a large window while a building was falling backwards and I jumped and somehow floated to the next building and then ended up on the street. People were flocking to priests of all sorts on the street corners. Each priest was trying to help people by quoting words from each of their scriptures. Donald Trump was on another corner selling cars and gasoline for ridiculous amounts of money so that people could try to escape. I remember looking at the crowd and thinking of a quote from Moby Dick about Jonah: “He thinks that a ship made by men will carry him into countries where God does not reign…” I ran to a gas station where I found a puppy and I held on to him. I think it was a bulldog. We jumped to a parking garage, a big ship floating through the middle of the city, and other strange places. And, after what seemed like an endless journey of jumping from building to building I finally said, “This is it” as I looked up and saw the side of a skyscraper falling on us.

The next thing I knew I was standing in a garden with Vishnu, Buddha, and Jesus. I asked why I was there and they said it was because I truly believed. I said that of course I believed. Then credits started rolling like it was the end of a bad religious movie. Next, I found myself floating just above the chaos as if taking a tour of the devastation. Some people were still barely alive but most were dead. The people that were still alive were like zombies. One of the barely alive zombies saw me floating by and tried to shoot me. The bullet went through me and I said, “you missed me.” But they responded by saying, “No, you’re already dead.” Then I woke up.

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  • That was a cool dream!

  • Matt,

    You are such a beautiful writer! Your dream was bizarre (as many dreams are) but you were able to write about it in such a way that makes me wish it was being made into a movie!

    Can you dream a sequel?

  • A truly prophetic dream. One definition of “a prophet” is one who sees into both realms (the conscious physical realm as well as the deeply unconscious mind); and a “prophetic dream” then is a collective dream, a valuable window into the collective “state of mind”. It does not necessarily foretell the physical future but may represent the psychological future toward which we together are unconsciously heading, if we don’t awaken “from being already dead”. Your dream encapsulates a vital timely teaching — many thanks for sharing it! And yes, keep writing !!! Do you know of a site where such numinous dreams are collected?

  • Interesting dream Matt. It is very mature in its symbolism and not so obviously personal, but then again I think that it is personal:

    -It is intersting how a friend is [always] with you, but then it’s not clear if he made it to the next sudden transition of context.

    -Also the poor friend with his family, who apparently dies (and also the little girl) in the crisis (he should have listened!).

    -standing at the edge of a window and then jumping (but somehow surviving!)
    -the worship of idols (including Big daddy Don Trump)

    – The (Georgia) Bulldog! But why a gas station?

    -And then the individual representations of several important Religions (that you happen to be interested in)

    -Of course you believe? That can only be a sick joke from your unconscious! You have been searching for something or someone to believe in all your life!

    The last part is truely perplexing. If you were already dead, why would he shoot at you? And what authority does a zombie have anyway?

    Hegel quotes Jesus as saying something like: “Let the dead bury their dead, arise and follow me”.

    He uses this quote in the midst of the sentiment that the whole of philosophy (and religion) is a battlefield covered with dead (ideas). That skepticism has prevailed, because all philosophies and religions are have been proven by the other to be false.

    Interesting dream none-the-less.

  • I know who the zombies are!

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