Enjoy the Moment

I went to Pacifica’s open house. The place was magical, and I knew that’s where I wanted to go to graduate school. I slept on campus the first night and woke up early the following day.

There is a great spot near a big oak tree. The flowers always seem to be in bloom. My experience there was in sharp contrast to my everyday life back at the University of Georgia. If the pace in California is slow, then the pace at Pacifica is even slower. As I watched the flowers and just took in the beautiful landscape: the pacific ocean to my left, the mountains to my right, I noticed that the flower bed was covered with tiny snails, their trails from flower to flower glistening in the morning sunlight. It’s something you would never have noticed if you were walking by.

To me, it was like a picture inside of a picture. It's like one of those stereogram photos you have to stare at for a long time to see, and they only seem to work once you relax and stop trying to see the hidden picture inside. Not only did I see this amazing sight when I stopped to enjoy the moment, but it was a family of snails that I saw once I did slow down! In a world where fast is rewarded and now is a mantra, I cherish this memory as a reminder that it is necessary and rewarding to stop and enjoy the moment … because it will never come again.

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