Follow the White Rabbit?

So, what really happens if you decide to follow the white rabbit? The struggle for normalcy, consistency, and predictability unravel the deeper into the rabbit hole you fall. What used to be straight lines and nice sharp angles blur into curves and ever stretching parabolas. The good and bad news is … there is no way back.

It’s good because your perceptions are forever altered and you’ll never hear, feel, or see anything the same way again. The bad news is that it takes an incredibly stable mind to tolerate un-learning basic assumptions and presuppositions about the world. Once you hit bottom, you either look around and smile or you commit suicide under the weight of massive confusion. Life is now like watching an episode of Twin Peaks on acid – where things running backwards and constant flashbacks are not shocking but are as normal as entanglement in particle physics.

If du Jour knocks on your door and you glimpse the white rabbit, I recommend you think twice and follow only if life has lost it’s meaning and you feel reality is only an illusion.

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