India Itenerary Maybe

I’ve been given great advice from several friends that know India very well. Most question my sanity of even wanting to go. One friend said, “Why not a nice vacation in Australia instead?” I’m still waiting on my visa stamp before leaving and may have to make a last minute change to my itinerary if it does not arrive in time for my flight. I need to get a malaria shot and also some other preventative medication for my trip. There is a whole universe of parasites, bacteria, and viruses that my immune system has never encountered that it’s going to be a blitzkrieg on the system. I could spend the whole time with a fever and sick in bed but I really hope not. I wonder if they sell Purell in Delhi?

Anyway, here is my itinerary so far. From the friends I’ve talked to, I will be lucky to make it to even half of these destination but I’ll give it a shot. My main destination will be Varanasi – if I can get there. I may have to take a bus or fly since the trains fill up early and I have no idea when I will be leaving right now. I don’t think I will take my laptop but I will have my iPhone so I can tweet. I’m also thinking of buying a video camera if I can find a decent HD.

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