Nana is my Mom's Mom ...

Nana is my Mom's Mom ...

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and my grandmother. In a reality of divorce, cross-country moves, and a new school every year, my Nana and her little home in Kentucky have been unlikely pillars in my life. The only place I can go to as an adult that I remember as a child. The only person I remember as a child that has not changed as I became an adult.

In a world of constant flux and speed, a Nana gives you perspective. I can sit and listen for hours to the stories she tells about the depression, the family farm, and how she met her first boyfriend, my Papa. During World War II she sewed and fit soldier’s uniforms down in Biloxi, Mississippi. After the war, she and my Papa moved back to Kentucky, their old home town and settled down and started a family.

Most of my life has been spent in large cities and most of my friends consider me a city boy. My heart, however, is in the country. My best memories are still in a little house in Kentucky where not much has changed and the potato salad and homemade ice cream is as good now as it was when i was just a child.