Above the Stars He Surely Dwells

The Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, is a choral symphony, the final complete symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, composed between 1822 and 1824. It was first performed in Vienna on 7 May 1824.

Above the Stars He Surely Dwells
Beethoven walking in the countryside.
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 9th Symphony

Ode to Joy, written by Friedrich Schiller (English translation below)

Joy, o wondrous spark divine,
Daughter of Elysium,
Drunk with fire now we enter,
Heavenly one, your holy shrine.
Your magic powers join again
What fashion strictly did divide;
Brotherhood unites all men
Where your gentle wing’s spread wide.

The man who’s been so fortunate
To become the friend of a friend,
The man who has won a fair woman,
To the rejoicing let him add his voice.
The man who calls but a single soul
Somewhere in the world his own!
And he who never managed this,
Let him steal forth from our throng!

Joy is drunk by every creature
From Nature’s fair and charming breast;
Every being, good or evil,
Follows in her rosy steps.
Kisses she gave to us, and vines,
And one good friend, tried in death;
The serpent she endowed with base desire
And the cherub stands before God.

Gladly as His suns do fly
Through the heavens’ splendid plan,
Run now, brothers, your own course,
Joyful like a conquering hero.

Embrace each other now, you millions!
The kiss is for the whole wide world!
Brothers - over the starry firmament
A beloved Father must surely dwell.
Do you come crashing down, you millions?
Do you sense the Creators presence, world?
Seek Him above the starry firmament,
For above the stars he surely dwells.