Where did the Universe come from?

To answer any physical question, you must ask the Universe itself. But what happens when the answers aren't around anymore?

Where did the Universe come from?
The farther away we look, the closer in time we're seeing towards the Big Bang. As our observatories improve, we may yet reveal the very first stars and galaxies, and find the limits to which, beyond them, there are none.

Key Takeaways

  • Perhaps the biggest question of all that we're capable of conceiving is about our ultimate origins: where did all this come from?
  • From examining the Universe itself, we can uncover the answer to many aspects of this question: where the planets, stars, elements, atoms, and even the Big Bang came from.
  • But the farther back we go, we find we run into an inevitable problem: the Universe cannot provide answers beyond a certain point. What we make of that is up to us.

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