Thync: Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation

Thync: Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation

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I received my Thync in the mail yesterday. The most sophisticated startup to take advantage of the latest craze of transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS). I was skeptical but even Johns Hopkins is using this as a therapeutic method for treating psychiatric disorders:

Although tDCS is still an experimental form of brain stimulation, it potentially has several advantages over other brain stimulation techniques. It is cheap, non-invasive, painless and safe. It is also easy to administer and the equipment is easily portable. The most common side effect of tDCS is a slight itching or tingling on the scalp.

Several studies suggest it may be a valuable tool for the treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain. Research has also demonstrated cognitive improvement in some patients undergoing tDCS. Currently, tDCS is not an FDA-approved treatment. – Johns Hopkins

Thync has two modes: calming and energizing. I’ve tried both but I didn’t feel any more calm or energized. Based on the reviews, people have very mixed reactions with many feeling no effect at all. If anything changes, I’ll write an update. For now, this won’t replace Starbucks or 5 Hour Energy.